Why agility holds the key to digital transformation

Agility - a buzzword that we are hearing more and more in the wake of the pandemic. But while the term might seem like another overused bit of commercial jargon, its popularity reflects the growing understanding that an organisation’s ability to pivot and deploy new processes quickly, to reflect market, change is critical in today’s recovering economy. But what does an agile business look like?

What is the best wine?

Present Ticketing for Transport technologies offers a wide range of alternatives, and the evolution continues as digital technologies make further advances in customer interfaces, communication methods and data processing. We must provide ticketing solutions for access and payment in transport systems that bring a wider range of alternatives to cope with each customer profile, type and needs.

Level up your fraud game: five areas where gaming companies can improve

Working with gaming merchants gives Worldline the unique insight and expertise in the highly sophisticated and fast-moving underworld of fraud in the gaming sector. As such, we seek to help merchants identify, address, and overcome the potentially enormous financial and reputational risks associated with this rapidly expanding sector around the globe.

How e-commerce brands can win through Value-Added-Services

When it comes to payments, from the customer's point of view, the process is often seen as a necessity with no real benefits of its own. The question remains; how payment processes can be made more attractive to consumers. The answer? By linking payments with additional services to generate added value for customers, as Frédéric Frizzarin Head of Pre-Sales, Merchant Services at Worldline explains.